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PebblSteth Classic Stethoscope, Made in India
Doctors say PebblSteths have the best sound!

Doctors love
the beat and

As a Cardiologist, it is very comfortable using the PebblSteth.
The Sound quality is amazing especially at this price range.
I am impressed by what they are offering at this price range. Kudos to the team!
~ Dr. Cymantha
Associate Cardiologist
KIMS Hospital, Hyderabad


Doctors who use local brands find the PebblSteths Better


Doctors who use Littmann find the PebblSteths Better


Better Sound conduction than Local Brands of Stethoscopes


Better Sound conduction than Littmann  Stethoscopes

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The Future is Coming Soon!

Pebbl HealthHub

World's First Respiratory Health Tracking Device
Pebbl HealthHub - Respiratory Health Tracking Device

Pebbl DigiSteth

India's Smartest and Most Affordable Digital Stethoscope
Compatible with PebblSteth Dock
Pebbl DigiSteth - India's Smartest and Most Affordable Digital Stethoscope

What drives us?

Healthcare is unreachable to most of the population in India due to high costs. Good medical devices are unaffordable and thus inaccessible.

At, we aim to bring a revolution in healthtech by developing and reimagining medical devices and healthcare ecosystems with the patient in mind and truly Redefine Healthcare!

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